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How To Create Environment for Bug Bounty?

Step 2: Creating environment for bug bounty

Welcome to the second post of the 6M Challenge of Bug Bounty edition where you will learn how to create an environment for a bug bounty. A smooth environment is the very basic need to start a big bounty.

First of all join us on the discord channel, where we have created different sub-channel for 6M participants to solve their doubts and have an interaction with the community. Go to #self-roles and tap on that animated heart to join the 6M sub-channel. Link:

Now I hope that you have finished the tasks given in the previous post, i.e.:

So we were starting up our career in bug bounty and the next part is- Tools. Instead of installing particular tools on a Windows PC, it’s preferred to install Kali Linux. It’s more convenient to hack on Kali Linux.

how to Install Kali linux in your environment?

Either you can install Kali Linux as the principal OS on your PC, or you can install it on Virtual Machine within your Windows PC. I’d suggest, installing it on a virtual machine to have freedom with your own system also.

NOTE: You’ll have to sacrifice windows functions, like gaming, photoshop, or any windows-only application if you install Kali as the main OS.

Use this tutorial if you want to install as principal OS –

Installing on virtual machine

Here are the steps to install Kali Linux on Virtual Machine:

  1. Download and Install Oracle VirtualBox from here-
  2. Now download Kali VirtualBox file from – (If you’ve 64 bit PC) and this if you’ve 32 bit PC download from here-
  3. Download and install this VirtualBox extension to avoid any errors –
  4. Start VirtualBox , it will ask for a virtual machine image file, select your newly downloaded Kali file (in step 2) and proceed with all the default settings.

Soon, Kali Linux will be installed on your Virtual machine…

Now, double-click on the icon of Kali on the VirtualBox app to start Kali. It will ask for a username and password. Enter “kali” in both places.

Bug Bounty: learn about encoding

Every character is encoded according to the rules of a language or system, for example- The capital letter “A” is written as 01000001 in binary code. Because this is what the computer understands, similarly there are several types of encodings – like URL, HTML, Hex, Unicode, etc. meant for their specific purposes and specific systems.

Read this article and get an understanding of encoding-

Well, this is all for today’s post. Hope you have learned the concepts told in the previous post. If you haven’t, don’t worry, you have time for this week also because the tasks for this week are so simple.

tasks to be completed:

  • Installing Kali Linux on a virtual machine or as a principal OS(it’s your choice)
  • Learn about encoding from the link given above
  • Complete all the pending learnings.