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How to get NFT Airdrop of Wild Guns?

This may be an exciting topic for NFT lovers and especially for the members of Wild Guns 2.0. Because we(TS) are airdropping NFT to the lifetime members of Wild Guns 2.0. This is a utility-based NFT that will allow you to unlock some cool privileges such as content access to Wild Guns, a physical avatar of it that will allow you to enter any of our events like a VIP, and many more perks to come.

What is Wild Gun 2.0?

Wild Guns 2.0 is a learn and earn package designed for students, professionals, influencers, money makers, hackers, and side hustlers. Here you will learn:

  • Bug Bounty Hunting: Hunt bugs and make money
  • Hacking via PC: Turn your PC into a hacking machine
  • Hacking via Mobile: Time to put a hacking machine in your pocket
  • Cracking (Reverse Engineering): Let’s MOD our interests 🙂
  • Autopilot Money Making: Automate your earnings via recurring passive income
  • Making Money via Crypto & NFTs: Flipping an image can flip your bank balance 🙂
  • Affiliate Marketing Strategies: Expand your affiliate network to make more CASH:)
  • Community Building: Communities are the essential ecosystem for brands in upcoming decades 🙂
  • Exclusive Student Hacks: A bunch of exclusive hacks to help students in their career


  • Exclusive Content Lifetime Access: Get lifetime access to 30+ videos and tutorials
  • Secret Surprise: Get our mystery surprise delivered to your doorstep
  • BTS of Influencer life: Get to know how we work and collaborate with brands

Link of Wild Guns 2.0:

How to get NFT of Wild Guns 2.0?

So when you purchase Wild Guns 2.0 lifetime membership, as a perk, you get an NFT too named “Wild Card”. This Wild Card is the official NFT of Wild Guns 2.0. It has a limited supply of 2100 NFTs hosted on the ERC-1155 smart contract on the Polygon chain. The price and roadmap will be discussed in the next post, as today we will be discussing receiving NTF only.

wild guns

Steps to get NFT:

  1. Create a Metamask wallet with the help of this article:
  2. Now, if you are a Wild Guns 2.0 lifetime member, you must have seen a post in which we posted a form link to collect your details like Metamask address and home address. Carefully fill out that form. Make sure the difference between the home address and metamask address.
  3. As this post is dedicated to Wild Gun 2.0 members only, I expect that people have filled that form already and now I will proceed for the further procedure to get NFT airdrop.
  4. Go to and click on the profile.

5. This will ask you to connect different wallets. Here, we are going to connect the Metamask wallet. Click on Metamask wallet and a popup to login into your Metamask account will be there. use your password to login into the account. After getting connected and logged in, your profile page will open on Opensea.


6. Now, for your information, let me tell you that the Airdrop of Wild Card NFTs has already been completed. Only a few members are left(those who haven’t filled the form, those who filled the form but didn’t give metamask address, and those who have bought the membership recently and filled the form recently). Those who have filled the form recently don’t need to worry about anything, They will also get NFT, we are doing it in batches. So just chill!

Unhide your NFT

7. Now those who have filled the form early must have got the NFT and it should be reflected on their Opensea account. Let me clarify one more thing. When you receive any NFT in the airdrop, it doesn’t come to your main profile, it comes to your hidden section. And you have to manually unhide it.

8. To do this, simply click on the more option and check for the hidden option. Click on hidden.


9. Here you can see that the Airdroppped NFT is hidden. But yeah! at least you found out your NFT. Some of you may be feeling embarrassed that itna asaan that aur ham dekh nahi paaye 🙂 Hota hai laxman, sabke sath hota hai!

10. Now simply click on the 3 dots on the NFT below and click on the unhide option to unhide your NFT and get reflected on your main profile. It was that simple! Boom!


This is the end of the guide to receiving the NFT of Wild Guns 2.0. Keep learning and keep shining!

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