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How to Write the best Freelance profile?

Step 3: Write a compelling freelance profile to get gigs

Welcome to the third post of the 6M Challenge of freelancing edition where you learn to write a compelling freelance profile to get gigs easily. Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous post i.e.

  • Selecting a freelancing platform which is less competitive(Also use Fiverr and SEOClerks)
  • Creating a portfolio to showcase your skills and work done
  • Note down the reputation(if you have any), we will use this in next newsletter.

Today, we are going to make an eye-catching and compelling freelance profile that can attract clients easily. To get work/gig, you’ll need to make a stand-out profile and proposals for the opportunities you find on the freelancing platforms.

These factors will help you to write the best compelling freelance profile:

Highlight your reputation

Remember, I told you to note down your reputation? we are going to use that here. You need to highlight your reputation to potential clients. Don’t be afraid to provide the name of the clients you’ve worked with previously, and include quotes from their feedback in the introductory paragraph. Showing evidence of your extensive experience will encourage clients to take you seriously.

Perfection over quantity

Don’t take on too much work too soon. Do every job to the perfect level. You know what, even if you write the world’s best profile, no one will pay attention if you have a long history of one-star and two-star reviews ā€“ so work on fewer projects, give perfection to it to get 5 stars. Number of high stars = Revenue

prompt your client to write a testimonial

Once a gig is completed, politely prompt your client to write a testimonial for the service you provided. If you manage to get lots of five-star feedback at the beginning of your freelancing career, it will become easier and easier to pick up new work. Remember, the first few weeks will be the hardest. You may have to work for free to get more clients to grab more testimonials(we will discuss this technique in the next post on our website).

Coincide your personality

Show your coinciding personality in freelance proposals. It’s really important to be personable with your client. Share info about your extracurricular interests or activity along with your work skills in very short, For example: If you’re great at playing bingo(words), don’t be afraid to say so and show your fun side, because it will reflect your creative skills. Clients on freelancing sites are rarely stuffy, and they love a good and engaging personality.

keep your freelance profile brief

And the last and most important thing, keep your freelance profile brief. Putting all of the above points in mind, make a concerted effort to keep your profile concise and to the point. Suppose if a client has shortlisted 10 possible freelancers for a project, he will never read a 2,000-word profile every time, so make it concise and short.

And the most last one, Sachi wala last šŸ™‚ is to CHECK YOUR SPELLING AND GRAMMAR. Even the slightest typo undermines your credibility, especially if you’re applying for writing and editing work. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t make the effort to thoroughly proofread their profile, as a result, they got rejected, so take care of it.


This is all for today’s post. And it’s a good amount of research you have to do this week to make your profile noticeable. Now let’s head up towards the task you have to complete for the next post.

Tasks to be completed:

  • Make a compelling freelance profile having all the above points

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