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7 Must Do Things for Freelancers

step 6: freelancers Must do these 7 things

Welcome to the 6th step of the 6M Challenge of freelancing edition where you will get to know the 7 must do things for freelancers. I hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous post. That is…

  • Calculate your expenses and aim for your earning this year.
  • Niche down, and build network.

With the growing number of independent freelancers interested in building their client lists, I’ve compiled a list of 7 important things that every freelancer must do. These things will help freelancers with all levels of experience to build their careers and avoid many of the mistakes.

must do

1. Define your expertise and offerings

When clients seek a freelancer to hire, they want a freelancer who has experience working in their specific industry and hold expertise in it.

Consider the type of freelance business you want to run or running. Know the experiences and expertise you have and how that can help shape and mold your freelancing career. Having background knowledge or expertise in that particular field, experience working with clients or companies in particular industries, or even certifications can make you an appealing freelancer.

If there are specific areas where you’d like to work, but don’t have any formal experience or training, looking for certifications or learning experiences to add to your resume is very beneficial. 

2. must do your price calculations according to the market

In the starting, you need to price yourself competitively based on your qualifications. It can be tempting for many new freelancers to undersell themselves when they first start, thinking it’ll help them build their client base. Take care of it.

Understand the fact that clients want to work with professionals that they can trust to manage the project confidently and with a high level of skill and expertise. Pricing yourself too low can hinder the confidence of potential clients in you.

Considering an hourly rate, look at what others make in your industry. If you need to set a rate for the overall project, calculate how many hours it will likely take you, including some time for revisions or communication with the client about the project. In this way, you can set your price precisely.

3. Create your social presence

Apart from Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork or SEOClerk, you need to make your presence on social media too. In this era of rapid digitalization, you must focus on those platforms which are used by most people. Instagram, Facebook, Discord, and Telegram are one of them.

Social media acts like another portfolio for your freelancing career. Showcase your work there, use relevant hashtags while posting, and put stories behind the scene. In this way, people connect with you on a personal level too. And social media can be monetized in the future. We will discuss it in another post.

must do

4. use online communities to find clients

People really underestimate this, but believe me, it can provide you with 3-5 extra clients. Reach out to freelancing, jobs posting, recruitment, and internships forums and communities. Take part in the conversation and sell your services there. you can do such things in Facebook groups, discord servers, Telegram groups, WhatsApp groups, and Reddit.

But don’t be only a seller there. That would be spamming. Talk with people, solve their doubts, give them advice, make a reputation and trust. And then finally you are able to pitch yourself. Trust is everything.

5. clarify expectations in contract

When you win bids or get assigned projects from a new client, the contract you put together can iron out expectations and help the job go as smoothly as possible. Communication plays a big role in the satisfaction of both the freelancer and the client.

In the contract, consider including language that details the precise expectations of both sides. If you don’t like getting phone calls but do well in answering emails rapidly, requests for email communication in the contract. Stipulations, such as whether the work can be used in a portfolio, should also be discussed finely. Make sure the final contract fits the needs of both parties before being signed.

6. regularly update your client

Once you are onboarded on a project, update your clients regularly on your progress. Pay attention to the guidelines outlined in your contract, work according to that.

Immediately let them know if anything changes or is updated with the project. Share the reasons behind the change and how you can manage it for them. This can make changes in the client’s expectations and behavior. Knowing how well you met their expectations can demonstrate that you care about the client’s experience. This helps to build your brand and reputation.

7. Don’t be shy in asking for referrals

As you begin to connect with satisfied clients, be sure to request referrals upon completion of the project. Let your clients know that you want to build an outstanding business and that if they know anyone else looking for an independent freelancer to help them with work, you’re available.

Since these referrals come from customers who have demonstrated that they appreciate your work, the recommendation will become considerable. You can also ask your clients for reviews on the portfolio, a personal business website, or even social media sites like LinkedIn. It will demonstrate that your brand is trusted and can help you catch the eye of other clients looking for the same services.

I don’t want to make this article longer. I write short and up to the point articles. And I expect that you must have understood the core needs of a freelancer in his/her career. Now let’s head on towards the tasks to be done

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Tasks To Be Completed:

  • Make a template of the contract you will offer to your clients.
  • Build your social presence over multiple platforms.

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