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How To Find The Best Hashtags For Post?

Step 4: Get best hashtags for your post

Welcome to the fourth post of the 6M Challenge of influencer building edition where you will learn how to find the best hashtags for your post.

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Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous post i.e. creating 3 highly engaging posts. Now let’s find out the strategies to get the best hashtags for your post.

What kind of hashtags to use?

  • Use less competetive hashatgs: As a beginner, everyone do this mistake. they use highly competitive hashtags, the hashtags to which millions of people had already posted. As a beginner, you can’t survive the competition. So better to use less used hashtags. I prefer hashtags under 100k- 500k posts. You can go lower than that for better reach at the starting. The competition will be low and then it totally depends on your post, how engaging and informative is it.
  • Use relevant hashtags: I saw people often stalk other profiles and use the same hashtags asthey are using. Mark my words, this will not gonna work. Your content is different. Therfore, use different yet relatable hashatgs. Different because its will move you out from competetion and relatable because you need to target the type of audience you want. Do not use irrevelant hashtags just because its trending.
  • Use location based hashatgs: It works, but don’t use a lot of them. Use only 2-3 location based hashatgs to target audience of that particular city/location. When you use geo-based hashtags, you got reach from location too(see your instagram insights).
  • Target professionals: If you are looking for clients ina particular niche then target your audience including professionals. For example: If I am a graphic designer and I post about the same on Instgram then I will use #graphicdesigning #businesslife #startuplife #branding #marketing #contentcreation #videography.

strategy of masters

Let me tell you one more important thing: Never repeat the same set of hashtags ever. Yeah, as explained by these Instagram gurus, “Instagram detect the same set of hashtags and mark it as spam”. No worries, we have a strategy to beat this trap. Make 10 sets of hashtags, use them turn-wise. Also, keep jumbling them while posting to get on the safe side. Now you may be wondering, where will you get this many relevant hashtags? Don’t worry…

There is a website called It’s a perfect website for beginners to get relevant hashtags. Type 3-4 hashtags at one time to get mixed hashtags. Now make 10 sets of hashtags using this tool. It will save you time. Use to jumble up your hashtags.

The master tool for hashtags

Here comes the master tool for getting the best and trending hashtags. The tool name is Flick. This tool is so powerful and insightful that it gives you the stats for every hashtag that you have used in your post. It also shows the list of banned hashtags. You can make sets in the Flick itself and analyze their performance. The best thing about this tool is that it gives you hashtags base on your profile.

Of course, it’s a paid one, but it gives you a free trial. Take my advice, use the free trial first and feel the magic of this tool. I am using this for a long. You can use this link to get 20% off: CLICK HERE

We are done with this post. Time to get some homework:

Tasks to be completed:

  • Make 10 sets of hashtags.
  • Post the 3 posts that you have created in previous post

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See you in the next post, till then Sayonara…