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How to get approval for affiliate products?

Step 4: Get approval for affiliate products

Welcome to the 4th post of the 6M Challenge of affiliate marketing edition where you will learn to get approval for the affiliate products. Hope you have done your homework from previous post. i.e to choose the right affiliate products for you.

After the selection of products, now it’s time to get approval to market them. Most of the affiliate programs/networks approve applications instantly. But this is not the same for all affiliate programs/networks. Some of them are very picky. It has a reason, affiliate managers receive hundreds of applications daily. Some of those applications are from spammers. So to keep the quality of their affiliate programs, sometimes they check the details of the applicants minutely. But don’t worry, I am gonna tell you the best possible ways to get approval…

Steps to get approval:

Take care of these points for approval:

  • Your domain name and site: The first and most important thing that affiliate managers look at is your website. You need to have a top-level domain name (like Subdomains like, are good for personal blogs. But if you want to make money from your blog, these are not the best choices. If you haven’t registered your own domain name yet, go get one from HERE.
  • Design and Content: When an affiliate manager visits your site, the first thing that he looks at is your website design and the content that you have published. You have to impress him/her with your design and content. Remember, first impression is the last impression.
  • Use Similar Email Address: Sometimes affiliate managers have hard times in figuring out the real owner of the website. You can make it easier for affiliate managers by providing your domain-looklike email address (like When you use such email addresses, it gives the validation of the identity.
  • No social media URLs: Nearly every affiliate programs ask you to enter your website URL. Don’t use your social media URLs as your website link unless you are using social networking sites for business and you have tens of thousands of followers that match the merchant’s target market. For me, I have 115k+ followers, so it worked for me, but for a beginner like around 10k+ followers, they may reject the application.

now, the main question

  • Explain How You Will Promote the Products: This is the most imprtant question that need to be answered properly. This is the place where you definitely want to impress the affiliate manager. Just explain how you will promote products/services. Tell them your strategy and platforms to promote. But don’t make it a long essay, just make it precise.
  • Check for Grammatical & Spelling Errors: So when you are going to apply for any affiliate program, make sure your affiliate application is grammatical and spelling errors free. You can use Grammarly extension to check grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. It’s FREE.
  • At last, they can ask you for the traffic sources. Mention all the traffics sources you have. be honest here.

This is all you need to get approval for your affiliate products. I hope this post will help you to get approved by affiliate programs and networks. Don’t forget the task to be done…

tasks to be completed:

  • Make a script to use in future, by using this post
  • Apply for at least 10 affiliate products.

If you have any questions, ASK HERE

Best of luck!