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How To Choose Affiliate Products?

Step 3: Choose Affiliate products

Welcome to the third post of the 6M Challenge of affiliate marketing edition where you will learn how to choose affiliate products for marketing.

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Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous newsletter i.e.

  • Choose 2 affiliation platforms at most
  • Note down the list of products you are going to promote, basically your niche products.
  • Make a free website or social media profile if you feel a need of it. Because you have to put the link of this every time.
  • Have a professional look-like email related to your niche and name of brand or website.
  • Get approval on the platforms you applied for.

I expect that you must have created the possible platforms for your affiliate marketing, if not be quick in making any of them:

  • A Blog
  • A comparison of deals and discount website
  • A YouTube channel
  • A Podcast
  • An email newsletter
  • Social media platform
  • Ad platforms

The calculation for selection of Affiliate products

Today’s post is very crucial. We are going to learn how to choose products. This step will decide how much revenue will you generate. When you start picking affiliate products, you will find products in various categories and payouts. 

For example, some of them would be paying about $1 per sale, and some of them would be paying about $100/sale. It’s a good idea to pick a product that pays you more, even if you give 1-2 sales, it would be better than giving 100 sales to a product that pays only $1.

Here is simple math:

$1 * 100 = $100 earned as commission

$100 * 4 = $400 earned as commission

Now, think which is easier to sell: A product to 4 people or a product to 100 people?

Once you understand this simple math, you would be working smart rather than hard. This is how most of the top affiliate marketers make more money than others.

affiliate products

time span of commission

Another factor to choose your product is the time span of commission:

  • One time commission: The company pays you a one-time sale. It could be anywhere from 10%-100%.
  • Recurring commission: The company pays you recurring payment. That means, whenever a user referred by you pays again or use the product, you earn a commission for few months, or a year or maybe lifetime. Most of the SaaS products do offer recurring commissions.

Before you pick affiliate products

Now few more things to learn before picking up a product:

  • Always pick a product that you’ve used before or familiar with. While it may be tempting to promote a book you haven’t read yet or an online course you haven’t watched, resist the urge to promote a product that you don’t have experience with just for the sake of money, don’t do that. Only affiliate that product that you have used or familiar with.
  • Always choose products that fit within your niche. If your blog teaches small businesses how to make social media content but you include affiliate links to some weight loss products, there will be an automatic disconnect. It may not be a part of your content marketing plan for your niche since it doesn’t fit your blog topics. So choose wisely.
  • Always promote companies you can stand behind. You must be sure that your core values align with the company’s core values before you affiliate their products. If there’s a clear disconnect between the purpose of your brand and theirs, it won’t feel like a natural fit to your audience. Some bloggers have made the mistake of partnering with brands who had a poor reputation with the public and found their influence took a rock-bottom after marketing their products.

This is all for today’s newsletter. So you need to do a lot of research this week. In the next post, we will be discussing how to get approval for affiliate products. Now let’s head up towards the tasks you have to complete for the next post.

Tasks to be completed:

  • Research about multiple products available on your affiliate platform
  • Make a list of products you want to apply for(don’t apply, wait for the next newsletter)

This was STEP 3. You can navigate to the previous or next steps from here:

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