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How to set up Affiliate Marketing?

Step 2: Create a firm environment for Affiliate Marketing

Welcome to the second post of the 6M Challenge of affiliate marketing edition where you will learn how to set up your affiliate marketing environment.

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Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous newsletter i.e.

  • Deciding of niche and sub-niche(priority should be your interest before money)
  • Building your platform(at least two) for affiliation

Today’s post is the crucial one. We are going to establish our environment i.e. signing up on the platforms of affiliate marketing according to your interest and caliber. Platforms are basically those which will give you products to affiliate them. In actuality, these are not their own products, these products are of advertisers.

which platform to choose for affiliate?

The platform is just a way to connect advertisers and publishers (YOU). So I am going to tell you the best platforms to join accordingly(NOTE: I can’t provide links, otherwise this mail will go to spam due to excessive links). Have a look at these…

  • ShareASale — Best for new or established affiliate publishers looking to promote physical products
  • Awin — For newbies or established affiliate marketers
  • Amazon Associates — For any type of affiliate marketer
  • CJ Affiliate — For Mid-level to experienced level affiliates
  • Rakuten Advertising — For well-established affiliate marketers with stable traffic
  • Avangate Affiliate Network — For Publishers in the tech, business, SaaS, or related industries
  • ClickBank — For all levels of affiliate marketers who want to promote mostly physical products
  • Peerfly — For established affiliate marketers
  • FlexOffers — For all affiliate levels, from beginner to advanced
  • Sovrn//Commerce — For all affiliate marketers with a blog
  • JVZoo — For affiliates in IT, AI, and digital marketing fields
  • SKIMLINKS — For big publishers, but works well for those just getting started as well

There are some other emerging platforms also, like PartnerStack and Digistore. They are also for beginners. Now, how do choose?

TIP: Don’t work on more than 2 platforms at a time. Primarily it is advisable to work on one platform only, but if you can manage two, you can go for it. Choose the platforms according to your experience. Just for the sake of money, don’t choose bigger platforms, they are complicated for a newbie.

So till now, you must have chosen your niche and accordingly have chosen your platform of affiliation too. And I expect that you may have built the social platform too for affiliation, though, we will tell few methods in which you don’t need an audience, but for high revenue and long term stability in affiliate marketing, you must have your own audience base.

how to get approval in affiliate marketing?

Now a big issue is that many of the platforms ask about how will you affiliate. They won’t approve your account until they feel that you are a good match. This is not only for the platform. After getting approval on the platform, when you will do affiliate for a particular product, again you will have to ask for the approval of your application. Many people fail here. Let me help you with the approval procedure…

take care of these points:

  • If you’re signing up to a new affiliate program with any email, make sure it should look like professional or should represent your website, brand or whatever name you have given to your social media platform(if you made any). Having a professional email won’t necessarily stop an affiliate manager from scrutinizing your application. For Example: Technical Sapien has
  • Next factor is the content you are providing on your social media platform or website. That content should be of high quality and appealing. If you don’t have a website, no issues. You can make portfolio to showcase your work or make a free website using wix.comThey will ask for a link to your website, sometimes social media links work very well, but for few platforms, it doesn’t work. So better to have a free website or portfolio to showcase. It barely takes 30 minutes to make a free website using Wix.
  • So how will you promote the product? They will definitely ask this question. Tell the affiliate manager how you propose to promote and send traffic to the merchant. Whether you use SEO, paid search, email marketing, social media or whatever have you, showing a prospective program that you have a plan that has been devised specifically for their business shows that you have put some thought into your partnership. And yupppsss… you will get approval 🙂
affiliate marketing

This is all for today’s post. So you need to do a lot of work this week. Setting up the environment is a crucial part of the affiliation. In the next post, we will show you how to select products. Now let’s head up towards the tasks you have to complete for the next post.

Tasks to be completed:

  • Choose 2 affiliation platforms at most.
  • Note down the list of products you are going to promote, basically your niche products.
  • Make a free website or social media profile if you feel a need of it. Because you have to put the link of this every time.
  • Have a professional look-like email related to your niche or name of brand or website.
  • Get approval on the platforms you applied for.

This was STEP 2. You can navigate to the previous or next steps from here:

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