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How To Stop Overthinking?

I know many of you have been through heartbreaks, betrayals, and misunderstandings. Those past incidents and future imaginations keep running inside your mind like a movie. And it’s literally killing you. This is nothing but overthinking and you need to stop overthinking as soon as possible. Let me tell you how…

two ways to stop overthinking

As you may be familiar that I read a lot of self-development books and scriptures too. And I found out two ways as per my reading and knowledge to stop overthinking. Here are those two:

1. Make yourself too busy

Making yourself too busy is the easiest way to stop overthinking. One should opt for such work that will excite and challenge them. The passion and curiosity for that work will not give you enough time to think about anything else. As a result, you will stop overthinking.

But there is a problem with this method. This method makes you stop overthinking on a temporary basis only. If similar incidents happen again, or if that person comes in front of you, you will get distracted easily and again start overthinking. Moreover, practically you can’t be at work every time. So the next method will give you a permanent solution…

2. Awake your consciousness

Well, awakening your consciousness doesn’t mean getting on a spiritual path or detach from people as it sounds. Consciousness simply means to get aware of the present moment, to not miss the magic of the present.

And you know what? you are also conscious but unconsciously. Let me ask you a question, Were you thinking about the past or future when you were playing a video game, or singing a song? Probably your answer is NO.

Here you were conscious about your acts that if you would be thinking something else, you may lose the game, or forget the lyrics. Did you see the magic of consciousness? It happened automatically. But the problem is that we aren’t conscious 24/7 which is the possible solution to stop overthinking and I know it’s not that easy to follow this method.

To get conscious 24/7 you need to have stabilization of thoughts and emotions within you. And this comes from the practice of resilience. Thats’ the reason I have published 3 posts about resilience before.

understand this

You need to understand the fact that The past can’t be changed but you can change the future by working in the present not by imagining the future. Read it again.

It’s not the heavy winds of the tornado that kills you, it’s the objects flying in that wind of the tornado that will kill you. So it’s not the heartbreak that kills you, it’s the overthinking about that heartbreak that will kill you. So STOP OVERTHINKING.

I have learned this lesson of the tornado from the book,Β The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down. One practical and more fundamental book to stop overthinking is Inner Engineering by Sadhguru.

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