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“Stillness” can make you a Superhuman

I was observing chaos in my neighborhood from my balcony and I felt so bad for the people out there. They were fighting over little issues which we don’t even talk about. But their misunderstandings and unquiet nature made a silly topic into a big fight. I paused my breath for a moment and tried to think of the reason behind this chaos. And I found out that there’s is a big yet common quality missing in humans, “Stillness“.

what is stillness?

Stillness means to be still, to be calm, to be quiet. It is the state in which you are conscious about your surroundings and ofcourse about yourself. Saying it more clearly, it means to be still in both negative and positive situations. Not to get excited when you are happy, and not to get demotivated when you are sad. These teachings have also been explained in Geeta and Shiv Puraan.

One who conquered the excitement of happiness and blue vibes of sadness has already conquered all the chaos within himself/herself. He/she will never get affected by people’s talk. Try to make them hurt or irritate, they will reply with ignorance. Stillness is such a great quality of human that helps him/her to work under any condition without getting affected.


How to get “Stillness”?

I can only tell you the way by which I have experienced/gained the stillness. It is “Resilience“. I know you may be thinking why am I talking about this again and again. But resilience really makes me the controller of my senses. Resilience, an ability of “not to speak” until and unless it’s super necessary, brings stillness in me. Now I only talk if it is true, necessary, and kind.

How stillness helps you in daily life?

Stillness gives you an enormous amount of patience to listen to the people. You know, it is often our excitement to say our things or to express our perspective that makes most of the misunderstandings. We don’t even try to listen completely, we only focus to express our perspectives or things. Once we start listening to the people completely until they stop talking, we understand and felt the way they are thinking and feeling. You need to learn to listen.

my own experience

Whenever I have to decide on something I became silent first, both from inside and outside. This makes me unbiased and open to adapt new perspectives. Becoming silent from the inside makes me discover the hidden possibilities and future consequences of an action.

When I talk to my people, they think that I predict the future by my spiritual abilities, but it’s not true. Most of the time, it’s consciousness, the stillness that I have created within me that allows me to see the future possibilities. I am short of words in explaining these things because they can be experienced only.

Final words

Although this is my experience and way of explaining, don’t rely on me over that. Explore and experience yourself. Stillness is such a great quality of a human being that lets him avoid chaos and make him super conscious about himself.

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