7 Must-do things as an Influencer

Step 6: must do these 7 things as an influencer

Welcome to the 6th step of the 6M Challenge of influencer building edition where you will get to know 7 must-do things as an influencer. Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous post. That is…

  • Approach to other influencers to seek advice
  • Connect with your audience in DM, and stories.

Till now, we learned to create, connect and deliver the content. We learned about the 7 mistakes that an influencer must avoid. Now we will look at the 7 must-do things that every influencer should do to make the influencing efforts fluent.

7 must-do influencer things you Can’t Afford To Miss:

Here are settings you should do on day one of your blog (or today, if you’re past day one).

1. Create And deliver value

The first and foremost duty of an influencer is to provide value to the audience. I have seen many influencers who look for followers instead of providing the content. I am guilty for the same in past. Always remember that followers are the byproduct of providing useful content.

The question came, quantity or quality? Well, at first, both matter. If you provide content in large quantity but with low quality then people will not take interest. Of course, they would be following someone else who is providing quality content. So work on your quality. But at the same time, in the initial phase, quantity is also important as quality is. Within this huge competition, you can make yourself stand out by bombarding your content every day.

Later on, you can compromise with quantity, but never quality.

2. Provide exclusivity as an influencer

An influencer is known for his/her type. Type means the type of content they provide. For Example, BB provides Vines, Carry Roasts. They are known for their exclusive factor in content. None is providing the same content as they are providing.

Similarly, your content must have an exclusive factor that ultimately will become your identity. Like Technical Sapien is known for its unique graphic content for students which no one provides on Instagram. you also need to create/find your exclusivity. Note that, going with the trend makes you fall in the competition, better to create a monopoly.

3. Reply to DMs and comments

This is one of the most important factors that influencer need to take care of. The engagement rate totally depends on the interaction that you have with your audience. I have 100k+ followers but still, I try to reply to all DMs and comments. It took me 1-2hrs a day but it incredibly increase my engagement rate.

You may be wondering that how replying to DMs can increase the engagement rate, right? Well, you may have noticed that to whom you connect/message/share something in their DM, then their stories and posts will become frequent in your feed. That’s the algorithm of every social media platform.

Engagement rate is also helpful in making your brand value in the market. So that when product companies approach you for the promotion or collaboration, then you will be paid a good amount of money. I recently closed a deal of 2 posts and 2 stories for INR85,000. I just need to design them. That’s the power of an influencer.

4. Connect with other influencer

This is a secret strategy to grow on Instagram. Connecting with other influencers of the same niche is very useful, as it allows the Instagram algorithm to know that you both are from the same niche and have a similar type of followers. From this acknowledgment, the magic begins. Instagram starts suggesting you to that account’s followers and vice-versa.

You can connect these types of similar accounts by messaging, shoutouts, post collaboration, and tagging them in posts. Believe me, it will help you to grow like a beast.

5. get personal with your FAM

I always prefer to make either fans or friends as your audience. Because followers are just a number. Real things like engagement, leads, virality come from fans and friends. And this can be achieved only when you interact with your audience in DMs and comment on a personal level just like a friend. Help them in their personal or professional life if possible.

The formula is simple, the more you connect, the more interaction you will get. The more interaction you will get, the more viral your content will become.

6. promote recognised for free

When you start growing in your niche, many brands will start approaching you for their promotion of products, services, or events. Few things to remember here, if they are making money from this then you must do a paid promotion. But if they are organizing an event like free webinars or awareness campaigns, then do the promotion at a lower price.

But sometimes, you will need to do it for free for some recognized ones like IITs, NITs. They probably look for a budget-friendly campaign, so they will ask you to promote them for free and in exchange, they will feature you on their platform. Though it doesn’t sound a good deal but for the sake of the future, do it.

Your collaboration with the recognized organization itself creates trust among your audience. If you see our Home Page, you will find that we collaborated with IIT Bombay, NIT Trichy, and VIT. This makes our community more trustable.


7. ask for feedback

Doesn’t matter if you are providing the best content in the world until your audience doesn’t like it, it goes in vain. Always ask your audience about the feedback/suggestion about the type of content they want or the improvement they are looking for.

My audience always wonders how exactly I know what they want. It’s because I always look for the feedback in the comments or DMs and take action on the same. It also helps you to connect with your audience’s mindset and needs.

Final words

Although there are many must-do things as an influencer, here we have covered the most important aspects of the influencer. I hope that you will implement them as soon as possible. Well, this is the end of this post, let’s head on towards the tasks to be completed:

tasks to be completed:

  • Plan to deliver more content in quantity with quality
  • Integerate an excusive factor in your content
  • Interact with your audience in DMs and comments
  • Connect with other influencers
  • Ask for feedback

Have fun 🙂 and yeah…do not forget to join our Telegram Channel where you can get a lot of learning resources for free. See you in the next post…

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