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7 Mistakes to Avoid as an Influencer

Step 5: Avoid Common influencer Mistakes

Welcome to the 5th post of the 6M Challenge of influencer building edition where you will get to know the 7 mistakes to avoid as an influencer. Hope you have done your homework from the previous post. i.e to how to find the best hashtags.

Today, we are going to discuss the common mistakes that every wannabe influencer should avoid.

Take Care Of These Mistakes

1. don’t expect high

Usually, people expect a very high response to their posts or stories. One important thing that you need to understand is that you are a content creator first, after that you are an influencer. People look at themselves as some idol to whom their followers should praise or follow.

Think of yourself as a content creator only, nothing more than that. Your only goal is to provide as much value as you can. Getting influencing power is a byproduct.

2. do not priortize quantity

Many people think that providing more content will make you noticed and drive more followers, but that’s not true. Providing more quality content will bring you more followers instead. You know what, a single post can make people decide to follow you or not.

I posted on “How to get Spotify premium for free?” and I got 1500+ followers from that single post. That’s the power of the topic as discussed in this post.

3. don’t stop learning

Although you are a content creator and now influencing people through your content, but don’t forget the fact that you are not the master of anything. As a content creator, we need to learn, graphic designing, video editing, calligraphy, copywriting, and SEO.

Just give two weekends to each skill and learn it from any free online course. Although you are in a higher position, but never stop learning.

4. Stop copying other influencers

I know it’s difficult to get new content ideas and in the vow of this, many content creators started copying others’ ideas and styles. They think, if this is working for them, it will definitely be working for me too. Believe me, this is a myth.

They have different audiences and they have designed their content accordingly. Blindly following them gives you a bad reputation if someone noticed that you have copied them. Moreover, if the owner made a Copywrite strike then you may be in the red zone.

5. don’t forget your people to get new people

It is the most common mistake that every beginner makes. To get new people added to their audience, they do cross-promotion/SFS/P4P. I know for beginners, it’s difficult to grow and I personally have advised them to do cross-promotions in beginning.

But in the greed of increasing number count of followers, they often do mutual promotions. And this action becomes spammy for their followers. I mean just turn yourself into their shoes. I won’t like watching promotions in more than 2 stories only once a week, not every day.

6. not connecting with growing ones

Another lack of learning factor becomes the “no communication” between you and growing influencers. If you wanna grow madly, connect to as many people as you can talk to as many influencers as you can. Discuss your problems with them. They have faced the same issues and are able to provide the solution.

Just don’t be shy. Don’t think that they are not gonna reply back, that doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is whether you approach them or not.

7. Make a reputation balance among peeps

As I said that you need to connect with your people but that doesn’t mean to become their frequent friend and jump into theirs. Don’t forget you are an influencer, your role is to provide value. If you will be entangled with your audience on high levels then you will waste most of your time chatting with them.

Make space between your audience and you. Neither tries to look into their personal life nor even try to tell them your personal things, not even to girls.

Apart from these core mistakes, there are many minor precautions too, but for now, just take care of these big mistakes as an influencer. Have a look at the tasks to be completed for this week:

Tasks To Be Completed:

  • Approach to other influencers to seek advice
  • Connect with your audience in DM, and stories.

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