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How Resilience Breaks Physical Limits?

In the first post, we learned about resilience. In the second post, we learned a technique to follow resilience. But today, we are going to see how does resilience changes your physical limits.

Break your physical limits

I am gonna tell you a technique by which you can make your body in such a way that you won’t feel hot or cold…Cool na 🙂 Well, this can be achieved in two ways as per my experience, either by physical training of body or by mentally training your mind. The first one also includes some portions of mental training too.

resilience will break it

What if I tell you that resilience will make you not feel hot and cold in summer and winter respectively? Yeah, it’s true. Resilience not only works on emotions and feelings, but it also has effects on our physical body too. Ever noticed that the guys who are so tensed in their life tend to lose their hair early in the age. Similarly, those who got anxious or angry quickly sweat very often.

This is because our thoughts and reactions to situations affect our bodies. When you feel happy, your body enjoys that state, and you tend to dance but when you got angry or anxious, your body energy changes accordingly. Resilience makes your body calmer and less reactive yet conscious.


When your body is calmer, it is at its best functioning level. It can resist hot and cold temperatures without getting you noticed it. You neither sweat in summer nor shiver in winter when your body is in its best state. And resilience is the quality behind this insane level of control.

Here, the lesson ends after 3 posts, we will start a new topic about self-development in our next post. If you want to learn more about such things, I will again suggest my favorite book, which helped me to learn resilience, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down.

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