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How To Practice Resilience?

In the previous post, we understood what resilience is. Now, we will check out a technique that can change your personality. This technique will not only help you to learn resilience but also increase your intelligence level too. How? Let’s first see the technique and then check the reason behind it.

what’s the technique to learn resilience?

Cut down your words in half. Whatever you speak in a day, cut that down to half. Make it an aim, that you will not speak today. However, situations will make you speak somehow. But try to resist your speech and speak as little as possible.

reason behind it?

When you resist speaking, and somehow situations force you to speak or answer someone, then you will try to find a way to speak the same thing in very few words. Instead of explaining in paragraphs, you will end the conversation in one sentence.

And surprisingly, you will cover that whole para in that one sentence. This technique helps you in increasing your creativity and intelligence because now you have to put one para into one sentence.

Any Example?

If I have to say to someone, “College gave me assignments, I am trying to find the solution of these on internet. Its a hectic process. I want to come with you but I can’t because I have to complete the assignment“. instead of saying this much, I will limit my words into one sentence, “I can’t come, I am busy with my assignments”.

It’s that simple and straight forward. Keep practicing it and soon you will find out that people really talk a lot of shit in daily life that they don’t need to. Most of their talks are common sense which they make hype of.

If you want to learn more about such things, I will again suggest my favorite book, which helped me to learn resilience, The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down.

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