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How To Stop Getting Hurt?

I think every person got hurt once or many times in their life. The reason maybe your friends, relatives or your loved ones. In this post, I will try to explain, how to stop getting hurt by anyone.

The first thing one needs to work on himself/herself is their reaction to the people. I have said this many times on my Instagram too, that people need to learn the art of resilience.

What does resilience mean?

It simply means not to react. Just be silent for that anxious moment when your senses are about to react. Those who have conquered their senses have learned the art of resilience. Resilience gives you the ability not to react and judge at the very moment. It gives you the patience to explore both sides of the coin and then decide your reaction.

If you remember, I posted one post on my personal Instagram about “Vedas and Puranas are for Fools“. Many people reacted with hate comments before reading about the post. Those who have read that post completely, have praised me for giving a clear view on the ways of enlightenment.

Got my point? If those people would have patience and read that post without judging or reacting they may have learned something new.

How to practice resilience to not get hurt?

Simply just be silent for the moment you feel an urge to say it. Rethink and say it after 5 minutes, I promise your reaction words will be reduced. There is another way to practice resilience and that is…just be silent as much as you can. Think of your words as money. The more you speak, the more you waste your money.

Why be silent in this way? Well, in the next post, I will explain the reason.

If you wonder from where I learned these things, so you may know that I mainly read self-development books, and the book(my favorite) which helped me to learn resilience is The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down.

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