How to create highly engaging blog posts?

step 3: Create highly engaging blog posts

Welcome to the third step of the 6M Challenge of blogging edition where you will learn how to create highly engaging blog posts. Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous newsletter. That is…

  • Getting a domain and hosting. If you haven’t got it.
  • Installing and setting up WordPress blog
  • Setting up WordPress theme
  • Setting up WordPress plugins
  • Plan your 3-4 posts from beginning
  • Find the exclusive factor of your blog

Haven’t got the domain and hosting till now? Your hard work may go in vain. It just costs you Rs170-Rs200 to get this. Claim your offer now.

I believe that you did your homework and your WordPress site is ready to post the content. Now the question arises:

what kind of content do we need to post? 

Here are some points to make a plan about our post:

  • Informative and beginner friendly.
  • Clean and without any jargons.[pics are optional]
  • Contain some exclusive factor which makes your post out of the competition.
  • Create curiosity among people [Don’t underestimate this, my Instagram post are totally based on this]
  • Have a CTA to engage with people
  • Implementable(if required)

How will you create such engaging posts?

Don’t worry, your joker is here πŸ™‚ I will tell you the strategies and tactics to follow before creating your post. This can be applied to Instagram and Facebook posts too. Your content should have a topic that includes:

  • Questions such as “how to…, what is…, which is the best…, where to get…”
  • Numbers such as “10 best…, 20 important…, 5 must have…, 15 things to…”
  • Curious topics such as “A guy opened 200 chrome tabs on Mac and then this happened…, a hacker unconsciously did this mistake…”

I personally experienced the power of these topics. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple human psychology to understand people in which topics and situations they got interested. So according to that analysis, people often get curious about the numbers, questions, or a curious topic.

Moreover, the topics which include questions and numbers are ranked higher in Google searches, because people often use these keywords for their search of the topic.

Concludingly, you have to make such posts which:

  • Have a curious topic
  • Contains beginner friendly content
  • Includes an exclusive content factor which others are not providing
  • Easy to implement and realistic(if required)

Well, this is all for today’s post, I know this one is short but this post is most precious among all. Now you need to work on the tasks to be completed for the next step and its the beginning of your content creation journey too πŸ™‚

Tasks to be completed:

  • Research about the 3 topics(1 for each question, number and curios topic). These topics should be inter linked with each other.
  • For example: post 1 is about “What is blogging”, post 2 is about “This blogger earns 2 lakh per month…” and post 3 will be about “5 things to keep in mind while starting blogging”
  • After research, start writing down the raw content in a notepad(you can use word too)
  • Create 3 posts till next Saturday but don’t post them(I will tell you about SEO and other things too in next post on our website)

You have a lot of work this week… Don’t postpone your work for tomorrow, be consistent. Warna teri bandi meri πŸ™‚

Here, we completed STEP 3 in blogging. Check out these steps too, if you missed them:

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