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How to set up a blogging environment?

Step 2: Creating a perfect Blogging Environment

Welcome to the 2nd post of the blogging edition of the 6M Challenge. Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous post i.e.

  • Decided your niche and sub-niche
  • Thought of a domain name
  • Get domain and hosting from the same provider

If you haven’t got the domain and hosting till now, your hard work may go in vain. It just costs you Rs170-Rs200 to get this. Claim your offer now.

Here is the cool part: Once you are done buying hosting + domain name, it will automatically install the WordPress software on your domain name. Moreover, it will give you many options of blog themes to apply. So, it became very easy in writing an effective blog.

However, you are not done, as you need to complete a few things before you will write your first blog post. To start setting up your blog, make it perfectly workable with WordPress. I can’t explain the whole procedure here. You can refer to any YouTube video on “How to set up a blog using WordPress“.

So…Blog niche? Check! Domain name? Check! Blog setup? Check!

Design your blog

Now after doing all the setup things, time to design our blog. “The first impression is the last impression”, that’s a universal mantra we follow. Blog designing is the most important aspect of your blog because a good design will ensure that your visitors will love your blog and read it completely.

Luckily, in WordPress, there are numerous WordPress themes. These are ready-made designs that are available for all types of blogs. There are many Free and premium WordPress themes out there.

TIP: Start with the free themes, so that you will get habitual on how to design and find flaws in them. Later on, if you have a budget you can go for a premium one, otherwise, free themes are the best option. Your creativity can fade away the premium. Now time to set up WordPress plugins...

Important plugins

There are thousands of WordPress plugins out there. Plugins are basically a support system to your blog which provides you additional features and tools. Below I have mentioned only those plugins which you should install from day one.

  • Yoast SEO
  • ShortPixels
  • Jetpack

You can find many videos on YouTube on “How to install WordPress themes and plugins”. Head over to them.

There are many more plugins, but the above plugins will ensure that you have all the basics plugins installed on your blog. If you have followed, all the steps until now, your blog should be up and ready.


time to plan

Now, comes the last part of which you should be doing over the period of time and that is adding new content on the blog. But but but… before adding new content, you need to plan it. Don’t just rush to make your first post in enthusiasm. Strategy and planning play an important role. While planning your content, take care of these points:

  • The content should start from basics i.e. from zero level
  • Plan 3-4 topics ahead in such a way that they all should be connected with each other, So that when someone, read one post, he should feel a need to read other posts too.
  • Your content should provide some exclusive things, which other blogs are not providing. So work and research on your exclusive factor because of which people should stick to your blog.

For example: If you have a financial blog, your blog can have a prediction section or maybe a tip section for investment.

This is all for today’s newsletter. This week you have a lot of work to do. Complete them passionately. Now let’s head up towards the tasks you have to complete for the next post.

Tasks to be completed:

  • Getting a domain and hosting(if you haven’t got till now)
  • Installing and setting up WordPress blog
  • Setting up WordPress theme
  • Setting up WordPress plugins
  • Plan your 3-4 posts from beginning
  • Find the exclusive factor of your blog

Here, we completed STEP 2 in blogging. Check out these steps too, if you missed them:

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3 Creating Highly Engaging Blog Posts