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How to do SEO for your Blog Posts?

Step 4: Doing SEO for your blog post

Welcome to the fourth step of the 6M Challenge of blogging edition where you will learn how to do SEO for your blog posts. Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous newsletter. That is…

  • Research about the 3 topics(1 for each question, number and curios topic). These topics should be inter linked with each other.
  • For example: post 1 is about “What is blogging”, post 2 is about “This blogger earns 2 lakh per month…” and post 3 will be about “5 things to keep in mind while starting blogging”
  • After research, start writing down the raw content in a notepad(you can use word too)
  • Create 3 posts till next Saturday but don’t post them

I expect that you are ready with your content. Now we need to set up a very crucial thing in our post i.e. SEO. Doesn’t matter how useful your content is. Until it’s not visible to the public, it’s a wastage of time and your efforts. So without wasting time, let’s head on towards setting up SEO…

Setting up SEO

There are several components we need to work on:

Post Title: Make an inquisitive post title(we have discussed it in a recent post) within 60 characters.

Meta Description: Meta description is the text that you will see in a search below the heading. It can be customized accordingly to attract the audience. The character limit of a meta description is 160 characters. Make sure that the meta description contains some of the keywords of headings. It helps in SEO.

Focus Keyphrase: It is different from keywords. It is a key phrase that will be common in heading, meta description, post URL, and the start of the body i.e. this keyphrase will be included in the heading, meta description, post URL, and in the introduction of the actual content. You can have multiple keyphrases, but make sure to follow the condition of its involvement.

Main Content: As discussed above, the introduction of the main content should have keywords from the post title and the exact keyphrase that you have included. Take care of the grammar and sentence formation. Use images or videos to improve your SEO score. TIP: Use Grammarly extension for grammar mistakes.

improving readability

You need to have subheading distribution in your main content to improve the readability. The recommended percentage of using passive sentences is only 10%, so take care of that. Make sure not to have consecutive sentences in your content. Consecutive sentences means those sentences which start from the same word. One last thing, use as many transition words as you can.

adding links to the post

Adding links will make your SEO score better. There are two types of links you need to use. The first one is the internal link which is a link that refers to some previous post or simply a link that will make you navigate on your own website. The second one is an external link, that takes you away from your website to a third party.

If you are using WordPress for blogging, you will see a default SEO checker which analyzes your post. For more accurate results, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin. The last thing we left is the post link itself. Customize the link in such a way that it includes the keyphrase and some words of meta description in it.

This is all you need for basic SEO. We will learn about advanced SEO in the next posts. For now, this much formulation of your blog post is enough to give a start. Follow all the steps while making your post. Your tasks for the next posts are…

Tasks to be completed:

Convert your raw posts into blog posts using SEO tactics from this post

Publish 3 blog posts

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