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How To Get Your First Client In Freelancing?

step 4: get your first client

Welcome to the fourth post of the 6M Challenge of freelancing edition where you will learn to get your first client in freelancing career. Before that, I expect that you have completed the tasks given in the previous post. i.e to write a perfect freelancing profile.

When you are done with setting up your profile, it’s time to get down to business. If you can sell your services and show that you’re well-suited to the clients’ requirements and budget, you might win the opportunity. But first, you need to get clients to propose to. This is where you need to work on your visibility and outreach.

where to get the client?

There are a number of ways you by which can find your first client:

  • Reach out to clients on platforms like LinkedIn — this is what worked for me many times!
  • Use freelancing platforms —  Fiverr, Freelancing, Upwork, SEOClerk, Toptal,etc.
  • Join facebook groups– there are plenty of facebook groups, but be aware of scams in name of data entry.
  • If you want to go one step ahead, use Google Adwords(advertise your services) or create a Facebook group for selling services in your niche.

A sure shot way to get you a client

Well, you already know that there is ample competition in the freelancing market. And doing bidding with no such experience will make you stand at the last of the queue. In this scenario, there is a way which every beginner in freelancing does: Work For Free.

Yeah, offering your services for free to get some initial clients is a perfect way to start your freelancing career and also to make your portfolio look highly rated and professional. It will make trust among the people, you may get recognition and the very important — Rating. because this rating will give you more clients in the future.

how to offer your services?

Whether it be any platform where you have to explain to the client that why he needs your services(basically the description part in most of the freelancing platforms), these points will help you:

  • Understand your client needs
  • Identify your customers’ key pain points(weakness) and how your services will help them overcome these concerns. 
  • Create a list of the features of your services and then list how they will be transferred to benefits.
  • Try to use bullet points and subheadings. Present your services in an easy-to-consume format.
  • Keep things simple; readers don’t need to know the ins and outs or technicalities of how you work, just that you’re going to achieve the outcome they’re looking for.

I haven’t elaborated on these points, otherwise, the article would be boring. Read and implement these key points to write a powerful service description.

Note that, don’t post your offer right now, we are still left with the pricing and negotiation. We’ll discuss it in the next post. We are done with this post and here are the tasks to be completed for the next post.

tasks to be completed:

  • Find out the atleast 10 suitable clients looking for your type of services.
  • Write a template for at least 10 clients to whom you are going to offer your services

If you have any doubts, ASK HERE:

See you in the next post, Good Luck!