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7 Affiliate Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Step 5: Avoid common affiliate marketing mistakes

Welcome to the 5th post of the 6M Challenge of affiliate marketing edition where you will get to know the 7 affiliate marketing mistakes to avoid. Hope you have done your homework from the previous post. i.e to how to get approval for affiliate products for you.

Today, we are going to discuss the common mistakes that every affiliate marketer should avoid.

take care of these mistakes

1. just Selling instead of Helping

People have the mindset of getting more conversions/sales as an online marketer rather than giving value to the audience. Unfortunately, this mindset is what results in mediocre content and bad results.

Instead, you should focus on creating high-value content above all. Prioritize your readers’ experience first. Instead of explaining features, focus on benefits to the user.

Avoid user movement wherever possible. Putting excessive banner ads and popups can frustrate your visitors to the point of no return. You need to understand that every outbound sales tactic, whether it’s a banner ad or a notification request, comes with consequences.

2. posting low quality content

Well, it will take you time to understand that your content is your product as an affiliate marketer. Clicks are simply a result of great content that readers feel valuable and credible. Above all these, affiliate marketers need to strive to produce high-quality content.

The content should be short, up to the point, and valuable. Post a few but whenever you post, it should be of high quality.

3. ignoring site loading speed

Did you know that the bounce rate increases by 50% if your web page takes longer than 2 seconds to load? We all know that users are impatient. If your site speed keeps them waiting, they will surely bounce.

Most of the time, a slow site can be attributed to server response times, large files, or the method of content delivery. If you’re on WordPress, you can use WP Rocket and Cloudflare CDN to boost up your site.

4. ignoring readibility of content

Studies have shown that after 25 words a sentence becomes difficult to read for people. The same approach applies to paragraphs, where you should keep them to 4 sentences or less whenever possible.

You can learn to increase the readability of your posts using by our this blogging post on SEO.

5. not having knowledge of the product

One of the common mistakes that affiliate marketers made is not investing the time to learn about the product they’re writing about. Don’t underestimate the fact that your readers are very choosy. They have the world’s information at their fingertips.

So research your product, give them a concise review of it. They can easily catch your bluff.

6. no proper SEO

Publishing a new post without proper SEO is like building a house without any roads connected to it.
Without the proper title tag and meta description, you’re making it very difficult, for people to find your content. After all, you’re in the business(affiliate marketing) of generating the most traffic possible…aren’t you?

This post might help you in improving your SEO of the post.

7. not analyzing the evergreen content in the market

Articles such as “The Best Ways To…..” have their own importance in online marketing. Now we need to balance this content with sustainable, evergreen content. Particularly for long-term link building value.

For those who aren’t familiar of this type of content, think of it as content that has a consistent volume of search queries throughout the year, over a long period of time. This post “7…………. mistakes to avoid” is one those examples 🙂

Apart from these core mistakes, there are many minor mistakes too, but for now, just take care of these big mistakes in affiliate marketing. Have a look at the tasks to be completed for this week:

Tasks To Be Completed:

  • Do research on your affiliate products.
  • Make template frame for your future affiliate posts so that these mistakes can be avoided.

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