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How to Become An Influencer?

step 1: Build Clear and Strong Foundation of your Influencer Building Career

Welcome to the first newsletter of the 6M Challenge of Influencer building edition where you will learn how to become an influencer. Hope you are ready to fly in space just like Jeffuu did recently.

Okay, before starting let me tell you a greedy fact on Influencers. An influencer with 10k+ followers can brag up to Rs2,00,00+ per annumAnd an influencer with 100k+ can earn up to Rs20,00,000+ per annum. Are you thinking about me? 🙂 Well, I am not exaggerating the amount. I told you these amounts as per my experience of 3 years. It also helps you to build connections with big people in the industry. Let start…

First of all join us on the discord channel, where we have created different sub-channel for 6M participants to solve their doubts and have an interaction with the community. Go to #self-roles and tap on that animated heart to join the 6M sub-channel. Link:

find your niche

The very first, and the most important, step is to find your niche. Let’s be honest, here, you can’t select a niche on your own. you will have to select a niche in which you are familiar. Don’t get influenced by other pages, that if they are doing good in this niche so you will also. NO, your interests, your journey, and your experience will make a separate niche for you. 

The best advice that Gary Vaynerchuk puts it is, “Document it, don’t create.” Documenting what you’ve learned can make great content and attract people who are interested in following your progress. So firstly, based on your interests, journey, and experiences, you will have to select a niche. don’t go for the trend. I will teach you, how to make a trend. Niche selected?

choose a platform

Now second step and a crucial step: Platform. Unlike affiliate marketing where you have a choice to have a platform or no platform…an influencer needs multiple platforms at the same time. Yes, multiple platforms. I am not saying all, I am saying multiple. You will have to create a base audience on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Telegram, Discord, Medium, Quora, Reddit, Pinterest, etc. Now here comes an important thing to understand:

  • Do not start on all the platforms at the same time. Start with one, build it, then make another platform. After building enough audience base on first platform, drive audience from first platform to the second one. It takes mastery to understand the working over that platform. So don’t start many at once. In starting, focus only on one platform.
  • Choose platforms based on their scope, integrity and work load that you can manage. For example: YouTube takes a lot of time and efforts. While, making an Instagram or Facebook community doesn’t. Nowadays, telegram and discord are like addons. You compulsorily should have them. If you are into professional niche, then make it on LinkedIn too. So choose wisely, not in enthusiasm. Building and managing community is not a cup of tea. But once you build it, people will beg to be in your posts.

one secret news

With the blessings and grace of people who follow Technical Sapien, our community made such a good reputation online. Now colleges like IIT Bombay, SRM, and VIT approach us for sponsorship or collaboration. Even startups approach you to market their product or services on our platform. One recent example is Memboro and Scenes(by AvalonMeta). These amazing ventures pitched their platform to us so that Technical Sapien can be on their platform too.

That’s what I wanna visualize to you. It takes effort in building the community, but it’s worthy in the aspect of name, fame, and money. So after deciding on niche and platform, you will have to decide, which type of content you will provide in that niche.

write it down

Take a pen and copy and note down all the content ideas that come to your mind for content. Few things to be noticed while strategizing your content:

  • It should start from zero, the very basics. I know sometimes, you think of a great content idea, but don’t make post out of it until your audience is ready. Think your audience as of no knowledge in that niche and you have to teach them.
  • Don’t use jargon words from internet. Use your own language. People love familiar language. So be their friend not an influencer.

I have provided these suggestions by my experience only, so better to explore yourself as much as your can. I know this post has just some theoretical idea or knowledge. But these things need to be clear before learning post psychology. So be prepared for that. An influencer has to work a lot.

This is all for today’s post. I expect that for the next post, you will be ready with your niche, platforms, and content ideas. Now let’s head up towards the tasks you have to complete for the next post.

Tasks to be completed:

  • Deciding of niche
  • Building your first platform(if you haven’t one)
  • Writing down at least 10 content ideas

This was STEP 1. Navigate to the next steps from here:

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