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Initial Step To Become an Influencer

step 2: Creating A Firm Influencer Building Environment

Welcome to the second post of the 6M Challenge of influencer building edition where you will learn the initial step to be an influencer.

First of all join us on the discord channel, where we have created different sub-channel for 6M participants to solve their doubts and have an interaction with the community. Go to #self-roles and tap on that animated heart to join the 6M sub-channel. Link: https://discord.gg/CZuS9Fh

Hope you have completed the tasks given in the previous post i.e.

  • Deciding of niche
  • Building your first platform(if you haven’t one)
  • Writing down atleast 10 content ideas

Hope you have decided on your niche and built a platform to influence. Now the most crucial and most difficult part of this journey — Getting an Audience.

getting an audience

It’s very simple, Giving Value = Gaining Audience. The more value you give, the more audience you will get(exclude the time factor). In starting, you will have to work like hell to get noticed among the mass. Your content needs to be unique, informative, and relatable to the people. So plan your content from the very beginning, make a structure on how you will express your content so that even if a newbie comes to your page or channel, he/she will be able to connect the dots.

Take a pen and copy and note down all the ideas that come to your mind for content. Make the plan of at least the next 5 posts, and have 2 posts ready in advance. Your first month’s journey will be very tough but believe me, this will become your strong foundation.

we don’t need followers

Remember one thing, we don’t need followerswe need either friends or fans. Either be so engaging with them that they become your friends, or do something great that they became your fans. Followers don’t engage, only friends and fans engage. Check out the comment section of Technical Sapien, only those people comment who became my friends(so they regularly comment) or those who are influenced by my post i.e. fans(they appreciate the post). Rest are followers. So don’t focus on followers, focus on friends and fans.

influencer on multiple platforms

Now time to expand your feathers…you need to be on multiple platforms if you want to be an influencer. Create Instagram and YouTube for photo and video content. Make a telegram channel for posting valuable links and resources for the people. Create discord for engaging with your community on the ground level. The motive is to take benefit of all those famous and growing platforms where people will be surfing. If you can manage, you can create a podcast too. Working on multiple platforms can be hectic for you. But note the point that the number of platforms you will have, the more money you can create. Because you possess different channels of marketing.

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For Example: Technical Sapien is on Instagram for providing content in the form of carousels, Telegram for providing some premium things for free, Discord for engaging people on the ground level, LinkedIn for connecting with professionals in the market, Scenes to engage with people having the same interest and be more productive in terms of public speaking and communication.

connect with influencers

Now one last step of this post, connect with your niche creators or competitors. Follow all those pages or channels whom you idolize or whom you think are doing very well in that niche. Note that, don’t get jealous of them, you have to learn from them. I will explain the engaging part in the next post. For now, just follow all those pages and channels that are in your niche or competition. Follow bigger than yours. 

Don’t follow individuals from your page, this will create a bad impact on your growth. Instagram has a suggested section. If you will follow your kind of pages, you will get suggested on the same pages when someone will follow them, but if you will follow individuals, the Instagram algorithm can’t identify this action and hence your account will not be suggested. So follow your niche only.

This is all for today’s post. And it’s a lot of work for this week. Now let’s head up towards the tasks you have to complete for the next post.

Tasks to be completed:

  • Plan your next 5 posts and create at least 2 of them in advance.
  • Expand your feathers to multiple platforms like telegram and discord to form an engaging community.
  • Follow your competitors, not individuals.

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